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1900 Rawcliffe Anne of 'Fernlea' Whalley Lancashire (wife of Lawrence Rawcliffe) died 22 Feb 1900. Probate London 20 Mar to Charles Albert Rawcliffe cotton-broker. Effects £1025

Tree1900 Rawcliffe James Hawkins of 65 Manchester road, Burnley died 3 Feb 1900 Probate London 9 Apr to Grace Rawcliffe widow. Effects £1719 17s 6d.

1900 Rawcliffe Mary of Blackiston street east Fleetwood Lancashire widow died 18 Apr 1900 Probate London 4 Jul to Alexander Rawcliffe insurance agent William Rawcliffe sawyer and Elizabeth Roskell widow. Effects £314 2s 9d.

1900 Rawcliffe Richard of Whitegate lane Blackpool retired farmer died 10 Oct 1900 Probate Lancaster 16 Nov to James Henry Longworth estate agent and Thomas Johnson and John Rawcliffe farmers. Effects £16,005 5s 11d.

1900 Rawcliffe Richard of Bamber Bridge Lancashire farmer died 29 Jan 1900 Probate Lancaster 21 Dec to James Rawcliffe walking ganger and Richard Rawcliffe platelayer. Effects £113 5s 4d.

1900 Rawcliffe Robert of 44 Moor Lane Preston Lancashire spinner died 15 Mar 1900 Probate Lancaster 19 May to Elizabeth Alice Rawcliffe widow. Effects £249 17s 1d.

1901 Rawcliffe Alice of Dowbridge terrace Henry Street Lytham Lancashire (wife of Thomas Rawcliffe) died 29 Dec 1900 Probate Lancaster 23 Feb to John Parkinson fisherman. Effects £90 9s.

1901 Rawcliffe Isabella of 130 Whitegate lane Marton Blackpool widow died 3 Mar 1901 Administration Lancaster 1 May to John Rawcliffe farmer. Effects £184 19s 2d.

Red Tree1901 Rawcliffe Mary of Gillibrand-hall Chorley Lancashire (wife of Henry Rawcliffe) died 7 Apr 1901 at Blackpool Probate Lancaster 20 Jul to the said Henry Rawcliffe esquire and Augustus Walter Rawcliffe brewer. Effects £34,950 12s 5d.

1901 Rawcliffe Mary Ann of Church Street Poulton-le-Fylde Lancashire (wife of Joseph Rawcliffe) died 21 Oct 1897 Administration Lancaster 4 Oct to the said Joseph Rawcliffe butcher. Effects £188.

1902Rawcliffe John of Hyndburn Bridge near Accrington died 23 Aug 1900 Probate London 26 Feb to Thomas Rawcliffe highway surveyor Thomas Eastham solictor and John Pratchett surgeon. Effects £1687 17s 11d.

1902 Rawcliffe Arthur Lawrance of 45 Drummond Street Euston Rd Middlesex died 2 Dec 1901 Probate London 10 Jan to Ellen Eliza Rawcliffe widow. Effects £261.

1903 Rawcliffe Ellen Eliza of 45 Drummond Street Euston Square Middlesex widow died 19 Mar 1903 Administration London 28 Apr to John Southam Bevington stationer. Effects £ £283 14s 6d.

1903 Rawcliffe James of Heywoods Linthwaite Almondbury Yorkshire died 4 Nov 1902 Probate Wakefield 7 Jan to Hannah Rawcliffe spinster George Henry Rawcliffe farmer Fred Rawcliffe metal broker Elizabeth Ann Schofield widow Jane Rawcliffe spinster. Effects £1636 1s 8d.

1903 Rawcliffe John of Broughton near Preston Lancashire market gardener died 22 Jan 1903 Probate Lancaster 2 Mar to Elias Rawcliffe market gardener and John Mercer druggist. Effects £1260 1s 9d.

1904 Rawcliffe Anne Elizabeth of 'Ashleigh' Ripponden Halifax spinster died 9 Oct 1904 Probate London 5 Nov to Thomas Whiteley retired jeweller Herbert William Whiteley surgeon and Florence Marian Whiteley spinster. Effects £1196 16s 7d.

1904 Rawcliffe Frederick of 62 Ampthill road Bedford retired ironmonger died 5 Dec 1904 at County Hospital Bedford Probate Northampton 21 Dec to Fanny Birley and Amelia Birley widows. Effects £737 1s 5d.

1904 Rawcliffe Isobella of 'Beechwood' Rock lane west Rock Ferry Cheshire (wife of Henry Rawcliffe) died 17 Oct 1880 Administration London 13 Dec to the said Henry Rawcliffe coal agent. Effects £1716 2s 2d.

1904 Rawcliffe Mary Ann of Stainland Halifax (wife of Thomas Rawcliffe) died 7 Mar 1904 Administration Wakefield 17 Jun to William Rawcliffe railway clerk. Effects £110 15s.

Tree1904 Rawcliffe Hindle of 8 Bath Street Southport Lancashire died 20 Apr 1904 Probate London 18 May to George Birkbeck Rawcliffe Architect and Emma Rawcliffe spinster. Effects £2291 7s 6d.

Tree1905 Rawcliffe Sarah Ann of Woodnook Farm (wife of Peter Rawcliffe) died 10 May 1905 Probate Lancaster 18 Sep to William Rawcliffe Farmer Ellen Jane Heap (wife of Croasdale Heap) and Mary Rawcliffe spinster. Effects £ 409 18s 10d.

1905 Rawcliffe Thomas of 4 Bannister-street Lytham Lancashire labourer died 9 Dec 1904 Probate Lancaster 18 Jan to Joseph Moore ironmonger. Effects £ 134 6s.

Tree1905 Rawcliffe Thomas of 103 Richmond street Accrington horse keeper died 24 Jan 1905 Administration Lancaster 3 Mar to Ann Rawcliffe widow. Effects £ 168 10s 6d.

1906 Rawcliffe Ann of 22 Dean street Bamber Bridge Lancashire widow died 17 Nov 1906 Probate Lancaster 30 Nov to Gilbert Rawcliffe and Edwin Rawcliffe police constables. Effects £ 238 6s 4d.

1906 Rawcliffe Thomas of 2 Springfield road Chorley Lancashire monumental mason died 5 Aug 1906 Probate Lancaster 1 Sep to Mary Rawcliffe widow and John Rawcliffe monumental masons. Effects £ 935 15s. Double Probate 1914.

Red Tree1906 Rawcliffe William Sumner of Church Valley Wakefield New Zealand died 13 Mar 1903 Administration London 21 Apr to Bessie Macfarlane Rawcliffe widow. Effects £ 43 13s 12d. Further grant Feb 1915.

Tree1907 Rawcliffe Benjamin of 250 Union road Oswaldtwistle Lancashire died 27 Jul 1907 Probate Lancaster 8 Aug to Elizabeth Rawcliffe widow. Effects £ 286.

1907 Rawcliffe John of 2 Springfield road Chorley Lancashire monumental mason died 30 Sep 1907 Probate Lancaster 18 Oct to Mary Rawcliffe widow. Effects £ 67 8s.

1907 Rawcliffe John Shaw of 17 Waterloo road South Shore Blackpool beerseller died 12 Feb 1907 Probate Lancaster 5 Mar to Annie Rawcliffe widow and Robert Rawcliffe outfitter. Effects £ 2916 15s 1d.

1908 Rawcliffe Anne Mary of Ashfield road Rusholme Manchester Lancashire (wife of Henry Occleshaw Rawcliffe) died 11 Oct 1906 Administration London 18 Mar to the said Henry Occleshaw Rawcliffe commercial traveller. Effects £ 940 13s 6d. Resworn £1150 1s 4d.

Red Tree1908 Rawcliffe Henry of Gillibrand Hall Chorley Lancashire died 1 Nov 1907 Probate Lancaster 11 Feb to Augustus Walter brewer the venerable Robert Crompton Fletcher archdeacon of Blackburn and Charles Douglas retired cotton broker. Effects £ 135,366 17s 2d. Resworn £286,973 5s 8d.

1908 Rawcliffe Samuel Robert of 90 Brighton road Moseley near Birmingham died 13 Dec 1907 at General Hospital Birmingham. Administration London 7 Mar to Ellen Rawcliffe widow. Effects £ 599 10s.

1909 Rawcliffe Joe Lees of Parkin lane Meltham Huddersfield mill manager died 23 Jul 1909 Administration Wakefield 3 Sep to Susannah Rawcliffe widow. Effects £ 22.

1909 Rawcliffe John Jacob of Inkerman-street Preston Lancashire died 1 Dec 1906 Administration Lancaster 15 Sep to Elizabeth Alice Briggs (wife of John William Briggs). Effects £ 163 13s.

1909 Rawcliffe Sarah of Myerscough Lodge Lancashire widow died 6 May 1909 Probate Lancaster 3 Jul to Richard Rawcliffe lorry driver Robert Rawcliffe and John Baron Rawcliffe farm labourer. Effects £ 804 17s 8d.

Red Tree1909 Rawcliffe Winifred Maclean of Haigh Lancashire spinster died 6 Dec 1908 at Edinburgh Administration Lancaster 8 Jan to Augustus Walter Rawcliffe brewer. Effects £ 149 8s 11d.

1910 Rawcliffe Betty of 27 Dunkirk lane Leyland Lancashire widow died 23 Dec 1909 Probate Lancaster 4 Apr to Richard Rawcliffe stoker and William Rawcliffe weaver. Effects £ 100 13s 6d.

1910 Rawcliffe Edwin of Leeds died 27 Apr Probate Wakefield 27 Jun to Herbert Bywater Rawcliffe school master. Effects £ 458 14s 4d.

1910 Rawcliffe Fred of 160 Albemarle street Ashton under Lyne Lancashire died 26 Sep 1910 Probate Manchester 29 Oct to Rachel Rawcliffe widow and James Michael Slater pawnbroker. Effects £ 1157 9s 4d.

1910 Rawcliffe Jane of 1 Heywoods Linthwaite Almondbury Wakefield 21 Sep to Elizabeth Ann Schofield widow. Effects £ 1383 5s 1d.

Red Tree1910 Rawcliffe Martha of the county asylum Lancashire spinster died 22 Mar 1910 Administration Lancaster 5 May to Thomas Rawcliffe surveyor of highways. Effects £ 209 19s 11d.

1910 Rawcliffe Wilfred of 25 Sedgwick street Preston Lancashire Power Loom Weaver died 22 Dec 1909 Probate Lancaster 13 Jan to Mary Jane Rawcliffe widow. Effects £ 550 2s 10d.

1911 Rawcliffe Margaret of Beechwood Ormerod road Burnley died 9 Aug 1911 Probate London 1 Sep to Amelia Stuttard widow and Maggie Whitaker (wife of William Dent Whitaker). Effects £ 2047 4s 2d.

Red Tree1912 Rawcliffe Bessie Macfarlane of Haigh House Haigh Lancashire widow died 1 Feb 1912 Probate Lancaster 3 Jul to Henry Gutherie Rawcliffe gentleman. Effects £ 973 16s 8d.

1912 Rawcliffe Robert of 100 St Heliers road South Shore Blackpool outfitter died 8 Feb 1912 Probate Lancaster 27 Apr to Jane Rawcliffe widow Robert Thomas Maxwell outfitter and Edward Bryning market gardener. Effects £ 9530 6s 5d.

1912 Rawcliffe Sarah Ann of Morecambe Lancashire (wife of Charles Rawcliffe) died 15 Jul 1911 Administration (limited) London 31 Jan to William Henry Quarrell solicitor attorney of the said Charles Rawcliffe. Effects £ 60 10s.

1912 Rawcliffe William of school lane Preston Lancashire retired foreman wheelwright died 27 Jun 1912 Administration Lancaster 12 Sep to Margaret Rawcliffe widow. Effects £ 357 18s 4d.

1912 Rawcliffe William of school lane Preston Lancashire retired foreman wheelwright died 27 Jun 1912 Administration Lancaster 12 Sep to Margaret Rawcliffe widow. Effects £ 357 18s 4d.

Red Tree1913 Rawcliffe Augustus Walter of Culraven Haigh road Haigh Lancashire brewer died 7 Jun 1913 Probate Manchester 8 Sep to Ellen Ann Rawcliffe widow Donovon McClean Rawcliffe gentleman of independent means Harold Sumner gentleman of independent means Geoffrey Musgrave Peck solicitor and the venerable Robert Crompton Fletcher clerk in holy orders archdeacon of Blackburn Lancashire. Effects £ 130,363 13s 1d.

1913 Rawcliffe Elizabeth of the Elms Brimington Derbyshire spinster died 16 Jun 1915 Probate London 24 Sep to Charles Edwin Rawcliffe assessor of taxes. Effects £ 1286 18s 10d.

1913 Rawcliffe John Thomas of Higher Brookhouse farm Shear Brow Blackburn poultry dealer died 29 Apr 1913 at the infirmary Blackburn Administration Lancaster 3 Sep to Elizabeth Ann Rawcliffe widow. Effects £ 419 10s 1d.

1913 Rawcliffe Mary of 2 Springfield road Chorley Lancashire widow died 16 Apr 1913 Probate Lancaster 27 Jun to Peter Rawcliffe monumental mason and Joseph Cornwell insurance agent. Effects £ 76 10s 2d.

1913 Rawcliffe Mary Jane of 25 Sedgwick street Preston Lancashire widow died 26 Nov 1913 Probate Lancaster 20 Dec to Mary Battersby (wife of John Battersby) and Elizabeth Ann Rawcliffe spinster. Effects £ 839 11s 7d.

Tree1913 Rawcliffe Peter of Woodnook farm Accrington retired farmer died 6 Jan 1913 Probate Lancaster 24 Feb to Richard Broughton solicitor and George Sinclair chief of police. Effects £ 1983 19s 8d.

Red Tree1913 Rawcliffe Thomas of Bradhurst Aighton Blackburn surveyor of highways died 20 Aug 1913 at Mitton Yorks Probate Lancaster 4 Oct to Henry Rawcliffe farmer and Joseph Wilson general dealer. Effects £ 2984 19s 6d.

1913 Rawcliffe William of 659 Manchester Road West Houghton Lancashire died 3 Mar 1913 Probate London 3 Apr to James Lambert colliery agent. Effects £ 1369 14s 7d. Resworn £1443 12s 4d.

1914 Rawcliffe George of 12 Westminster road Liscard Wallasey Cheshire died 18 Apr 1914 Probate London 27 May to Annie Rawcliffe widow and George Frederick Rawcliffe bookkeeper Arthur Clayton Rawcliffe insurance clerk and James Wilson Clarke accountant. Effects £ 12,040 13s 9d. Resworn £12,783 3s 9d.

1914 Rawcliffe George of 86 Haywood Street Accrington died 19 Apr 1914 Administration Lancaster 13 Jun to Mary Jane Rawcliffe widow. Effects £ 120.

1914 Rawcliffe Henry of Cloughmore in Windermere Westmoreland esquire died 28 Mar 1914 at West Kirkby Cheshire Probate Carlisle 8 May to John Atherton machinist and Samuel Walker the younger farmer. Effects £ 28,308 5s 8d. Resworn £27,949 7s 8d.

1914 Rawcliffe John of Poplars Farm Bamber Bridge Preston Lancashire retired farmer died 20 Dec 1913 Probate Lancaster 12 Feb to Wiliam Rawcliffe farmer and Ellen Barnes (wife of Arthur Barnes) and Thomas Hacking Marginson farmer. Effects £ 2600 8s 3d.

1914 Rawcliffe Mary of Preston Lancashire (wife of William Rawcliffe) died 28 Feb 1914 Probate Lancaster 25 Jun to the said William Rawcliffe architect and surveyor John James Atherton hosier and Joseph Henshall Smethurst surveyor. Effects £ 928 2s 2d.

1914 Rawcliffe Sarah Ann of South Shore Blackpool (wife of Robert Rawcliffe) died 12 Dec 1904 Administration Lancaster 8 Oct to the said Robert Rawcliffe joiner. Effects £ 10.

1914 Rawcliffe Thomas of 2 Springfield road Chorley Lancashire monumental mason died 5 Aug 1906 Probate Lancaster to Francis Rawcliffe monumental mason. Effects £ 907 12s 8d. Former grant Lancaster Alice Sibthorpe Rawcliffe widow. Effects £ 12,735 2s 7d.

1915 Rawcliffe Elizabeth of 268 Walton road Kirkdale Liverpool spinster died 12 Jan 1915 Administration Liverpool 13 Aug to Joseph Rawcliffe butcher. Effects £ 62s 8d.

1915 Rawcliffe John Thomas of 11 Cranbourne street Preston Lancashire coal dealer and carter died 7 Apr 1915 Probate Lancaster 30 Apr to Thomas Breakell general dealer. Effects £ 579 7s 6d.

1915 Rawcliffe Mary of 41 Rossall road Lytham Lancashire spinster died 28 Jan 1915 Probate Lancaster 20 Feb to Elizabeth Rutherford (wife of David Rutherford) and Elizabeth Atherton spinster. Effects £ 758 10s 6d.

1915 Rawcliffe Thomas of New street Stainland Halifax died 14 Mar 1915 Administration Wakefield 5 May to William Henry Rawcliffe commercial clerk. Effects £ 303 16s 2d.

Red Tree1915 Rawcliffe William Sumner of Church Valley Wakefield New Zealand died 13 Mar 1903 Administration London 17 Feb to Henry Gutherie Rawcliffe gentleman. Effects £ 1. Former grant P.R. Apr 1906

1916 Rawcliffe Ellis of 15 Skeffington-road South Preston Lancashire died 20 Jun 1916 Probate London 17 Nov to Joseph Rawcliffe fish dealer and Mary Singleton (wife of Robert Singleton) and Elizabeth Eastham (wife of Henry Eastham). Effects £ 726 2s

1916 Rawcliffe George of the Talbot Saw Mills Blackpool died 28 Dec 1915 at the Howard Nursing Home Raikes Parade Blackpool Administration Lancaster 20 Jan Emily Rawcliffe widow. Effects £ 79 13s

1916 Rawcliffe Hannah of 102 Plungington-road Preston Lancashire spinster died 23 Jan 1916 Administration Lancaster 7 Feb to Elizabeth Rawcliffe spinster. Effects £ 124 5s 4d.

1916 Rawcliffe James of Earnseat Albany road Douglas Isle of Man died 22 Jul 1916 Probate London 25 Aug to the reverend Frederic Arthur Rawcliffe clerk. Effects £ 2799 15s 9d.

Tree1916 Rawcliffe Jane of 61 Church Street Church Lancashire widow died 21 Jan 1916 Probate Lancaster 4 Feb to Mary Rawcliffe and Alice Rawcliffe spinsters. Effects £ 217

1916 Rawcliffe William Hayes of Harrison-house St Michael's-on-Wyre Lancashire sergeant 7th batallion H.M. Loyal North Lancs regiment died 23 July 1916 in France on active service Probate London 16 Oct to Jane Rawcliffe widow. Effects £ 405

1917 Rawcliffe Ann of Charnley Farm Hutton Lancashire widow died 28 Mar 1917 Probate Lancaster 4 Jun to Robert Rawcliffe joiner. Effects £ 40 7s 9d.

1917 Rawcliffe Ann of 16 Condor grove Blackpool spinster died 18 Feb 1917 Probate London 8 Jun to Richard Johnson Farmer and John Rawcliffe Kenyon plumber. Effects £ 691 17s 11d. Resworn £ 541 17s 11d.

1917 Rawcliffe Richard of Clarkson green Farm Catforth Lancashire retired farmer died 1 Sep 1917 Probate Lancaster 6 Oct to John Lancaster retired farmer and Robert Rawcliffe and John Baron Rawcliffe farmers. Effects £ 4461 6s 4d.

1917 Rawcliffe Thomas of North Houses Lytham Lancashire farm labourer died 21 Jun 1917 Administration Lancaster 22 Aug to Margaret Rawcliffe widow. Effects £ 187 15s 7d.

1917 Rawcliffe Thomas of Weedacre Farm Chaigeley near Clitheroe Lancashire died 5 Aug 1917 Probate London 4 Sep to Thomas Rawcliffe farmer and Thomas Marsland innkeeper. Effects £ 332 10s 3d.

1918 Rawcliffe Elias of Pickerings farm Lostock Hall Lancashire market gardener died 8 Jul 1918 Probate Lancaster 3 Dec to George Stirzaker Rawcliffe labourer and Richard Rawcliffe and Robert Rawcliffe market gardeners. Effects £ 3754 0s 11d.

1918 Rawcliffe Jane Ann of 3 Branksome terrace Burley Leeds widow died 7 Nov 1918 Probate Wakefield 27 Nov to Mary Ann Haiste (wife of Thomas Haiste). Effects £ 57 19s 5d.

Tree1918 Rawcliffe Sandy Livesey of 11 White Ash Lane Oswaldtwistle Lancashire died 4 May 1918 Probate Lancaster 4 Jun to Mary Jane Rawcliffe widow. Effects £ 223 9s 4d.

1918 Rawcliffe William of 56 Cleveland terrace Poulton road Fleetwood Lancashire retired ship's engineer died 7 Jul 1918 Probate Lancaster 22 Aug to James Henry Kean solicitor. Effects £ 805 9s 1d.

Tree1919 Rawcliffe Frank of 369 Victoria terrace Lowerhouse Burnley died 11 Nov 1918 Probate London 13 Mar to Robert Dixon Knowles calico printer and Stanley Clegg electrical engineer. Effects £ 27,174 19s 3d.

Tree1919 Rawcliffe Hindle of Thornhill Holme 15 Pilkington road Southport Lancashire died 17 Jun 1919 Probate London 16 Sep to Amy Jane Rawcliffe spinster Robert Dixon Knowles print works manager Walter Ainsworth Cook solicitor and Stanley Clegg electrical engineer. Effects £ 21,038 6s 4d.

1919 Rawcliffe Thomas of Pickerings Cottage Lostock Hall Lancashire market gardener died 5 Mar 1918 Administration (limited) Lancaster 28 Feb to Richard Rawcliffe market gardener. Effects £ 566 13s 0d.

1919 Rawcliffe Thomas Thompson of Fir Farm Stalmine Lancashire died 25 May 1919 Probate London 20 Oct to Jane Rawcliffe widow and Mary Rawcliffe spinster and Tom Rawcliffe joiner. Effects £ 2341 17s 8d.

1920 Rawcliffe George of School Lane Little Marton Blackpool died 7 Apr 1919 Probate London 28 Jan to Robert Thomson and John Rawcliffe farmers. Effects £ 1262 18s.

Tree1920 Rawcliffe the reverend James Hindle Rawcliffe of 27 Alexander road Gloucester clerk died 25 Oct 1920 Administration Gloucester 19 Nov to Mary Jane Rawcliffe widow. Effects £ 218 9s 5d.

1920 Rawcliffe Jenette Marian of 191 Rushey Green Catford Kent widow died 14 Dec 1919 Probate London 13 Jan to Percy John Allen Finch bank clerk. Effects £ 590 18s.

1920 Rawcliffe Margaret of School Lane Longton Preston Lancashire widow 30 Nov 1919 Probate Lancaster 30 Jun to Francis George Iddon wholesale fruiterer and John Iddon publican. Effects £ 2313 19s 9d. Resworn £2718 1s 1d.

1920 Rawcliffe Rachel of Bardsley House Ashton-under-Lyne widow died 17 Feb 1920 Probate London 20 Apr to Frank Rawcliffe tobacconist and Alice Rawcliffe spinster and James Alec Rawcliffe commercial clerk. Effects £ 206 5s 3d.

1920 Rawcliffe Robert of Bridge House Hotel Lytham road South Shore Blackpool died 23 Mar 1919 Administration(with Will) London 21 Feb to Margaret Carver (wife of Henry Healey Carver). Effects £ 10,490 9s 4d.

Red Tree1920 Rawcliffe Thomas Hornby of 56 Cleveland terrace Poulton road Fleetwood Lancashire private 1st batallion East Yorks regiment died between 1 and 30 Sep 1918 in France on active service Administration Lancashire 29 Jun to John Hornby Rawcliffe railway goods guard. Effects £ 334 3s 3d.

1920 Rawcliffe William of Fairhaven Garstang road Fulwood Lancashire architect and surveyor died 20 Oct 1919 Probate Lancaster 13 Mar to Alice Rawcliffe and Elizabeth Rawcliffe spinster. Effects £ 1918 9s 8d.

1921 Rawcliffe Catherine of Cooksons-row Much Hoole Lancashire widow died 6 Sep 1921 Probate London 4 Oct to Elizabeth Woodall spinster. Effects £ 627 17s 2d.

1921 Rawcliffe Jane of St. Michael's-on-Wyre Lancashire widow died 10 Aug 1921 Probate Lancaster 11 Oct to Thomas Porter Rawcliffe farmer. Effects £ 941 10s 1d.

1921 Rawcliffe Mary of 29 Canal street Clayton-le-Moors (wife of James Rawcliffe) died 8 May 1918 Administration London 5 Jan to the said James Rawcliffe coachman. Effects £ 109 0s 1d.

1921 Rawcliffe Mary of 50 Poulton st Kirkham near Preston Lancashire (wife of Richard Rawcliffe) died 3 Jul 1921 Probate London 6 Aug to the said Richard Rawcliffe cotton manufacturer. Effects £ 528 6s 10d.

1921 Rawcliffe Mary Jane of 20 Warwick Street Oxford widow died 6 Sep 1921 Probate Oxford 28 Oct to John Holmes clothing manufacturer and Herbert Torry Baines solicitor. Effects £836 4s

1921 Rawcliffe Sarah Ann of Elder House Commercial Square Huddersfield (wife of George Frederick Rawcliffe) 18 Jan 1921 Administration Wakefield 26 Sep to the said George Frederick Rawcliffe mechanical engineer. Effects £ 317 7s 6d.

1922 Rawcliffe Elizabeth of 104 Belgrave Road New Moston Failsworth Manchester Spinster died 29 Apr 1922 Probate London 20 Jul to Richard Rawcliffe gentleman. Effects £ 834 14s.

1922 Rawcliffe Grace Jeannette of 7 Walmer villas Bradford (wife of James Shaw Rawcliffe) died 3 Feb 1922 Administration London 23 May to the said James Shaw Rawcliffe retired solicitor's clerk. Effects £ 1710 2s 5d.

1922 Rawcliffe Mary of St Elmo 13 Marshside road Southport Lancashire spinster 23 Sep 1922 Probate London 16 Nov to Robert Smalley cashier Arthur Smalley works manager and Amy Jane Rawcliffe spinster. Effects £ 976 6s 5d.

Tree1922 Rawcliffe Mary Elizabeth of 37a Carisbrick New road Southport Lancashire widow died 6 Mar 1922 Probate London 23 Jun to Robert Dixon Knowles works manager Stanley Clegg electrical engineer and Walter Ainsworth Cook solicitor. Effects £ 1259 13s 7d.

Tree1923 Rawcliffe Alice Ann of 27 Bold Street Altrincham Cheshire spinster died 18 Sep 1923 at the General Hospital Altrincham Administration London 22 Oct to Riley Rawcliffe. Effects £ 174 5s.

Tree1923 Rawcliffe Catherine of 2 Franklin Street Clitheroe Lancashire (wife of Joseph Rawcliffe) died 25 Aug 1923 Administration London 12 Nov to the said Joseph Rawcliffe grocer. Effects £ 50.

1923 Rawcliffe Ellen Ann of Herne Hill Fallowfield Manchester widow died 9 Apr 1923 at Boscobel Derby road Withington Manchester Probate Manchester 19 Jun to Donovan Maclean Rawcliffe of no occupation Walter Flinn shipping agent and Geoffrey Musgrave Peck solicitor and George Peter Raundrup merchant. Effects £ 26,189 0s 7d.

1924 Rawcliffe Austin of 62 Weldbank lane Chorley Lancaster died 29 Apr 1923 Probate London 15 Apr to Margaret Rawcliffe widow. Effects £ 116 8s.

1924 Rawcliffe Elizabeth of 49 Yorkshire street Morecambe Lancashire widow died 28 Dec 1923 Administration Lancaster 19 Feb to Edward Wakefield merchants' manager. Effects £ 381 9s 8d.

1924 Rawcliffe Grace of 7 Warton street Lytham Lancashire widow died 26 Feb 1924 Probate London 17 Apr to the reverend Charles Robert Cook and the reverend Thomas Smith clerks. Effects £ 2240 4s 4d.

Tree1924 Rawcliffe William of 2 Rose place Woodnook Accrington died 30 Aug 1924 Probate Lancaster 20 Sep to Sarah Ann Armstrong widow and Benjamin Robinson retired overlooker. Effects £ 263 5s 9d.